Hotel HVAC Cleaning


EcoTech provides Hotel HVAC cleaning services.
Our high standard operation procedures ensure our PTAC cleaning services meet every guarantee we make with our customer. Our friendly technicians will treat your guests and staff with kindness and respect.


Keeping PTAC units clean is essential to their operation. Dirty units are forced to work twice as hard to provide the desired temperature of the room, while at the same time increasing in energy consumption and utility costs. The cleaning procedure quickly improves HVAC performance and indoor air quality, thus reducing energy costs significantly.

The portable coil cleaning system that we use, makes the in-room PTAC cleaning process clean, thorough, fast and quiet. We only use high quality, biodegradable detergents. The detergents are certified with EPA regulations for indoor use.

PTAC Cleaning Process:
1. Testing- Each unit is tested before cleaning.
2. Filters- The filters are cleaned and sanitized.
3. Panel cleaning- The panel is cleaned inside and out.
4. Coil Cleaning- Coils are cleaned with low-pressure water and using environmentally safe detergents.
5. Drain Line- The condensate drain line is rinsed out.
6. Final Rinse & Disinfection- A hospital grade disinfectant is used at the end of each cleaning process.
7. Wall Sleeve- Clean and inspect that wall sleeve is level.
8. Final Testing- Final testing is done to make sure the unit is functioning properly.
9. Documenting-We record and document all CFM and temperature improvements of each PTAC unit.


• Improves indoor air quality
• Reduce your electricity bill by as much as 15%
• Improves the performance by allowing A/C units to transfer hot/cold air more efficiently
• Extends the life of PTAC units with regularly scheduled service
• Improves guests satisfaction

Our Promise to You

You don't pay unless we fulfill our 3 service guarantees.
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Our 3 Service Guarantees

1. We guarantee PTAC units will be cleaned to your satisfaction
2. We guarantee improvement of PTAC unit performance
3. We guarantee each hotel room will be left neat & clean

We are so confident with the quality of our service that we back it with our 3 guarantees!