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Cleaning Solar Panels

How To Maximize The Efficiency of Your Solar Panels
By Keeping Them Clean

Benefits Of Pressure Washing Solar Panels

Solar panel cleaning is often held in derision. Is it really necessary, some ask. Doesn’t the rain do enough to keep them clean? Well, the bottom line is that, rain or no rain, panels get dirty. And the quickest way to improve the amount of electricity that your solar modules generate is by cleaning your solar panels. Solar panels are like any window. Dust, oily grime, scum, tree sap and bird droppings will reduce its transparency. Improper cleaning may smear the muck and leave a worse condition. Generally, the panes sit on rooftops. You need professional help to avoid personal injury, especially when your choice is to carefully clean your solar panels.

This work is best left to experts since even the improper use of detergents or the minerals in tap water may leave residue and mineral build-up that impairs the performance of your solar equipment. Depending on the environment where your panels are located, you may need to use alcoholic solutions to remove stubborn stains. Again, it is best to leave solar panel cleaning to experts, since even a slight scratch can impact performance, by creating shadows that reduce system efficiency. Don’t take any risks.

During dry season, where there has been much dust or ash in the air and little rain to wash off your panels naturally, you may experience a decline in performance for specific panes. Cleaning solar panels is ideal because even cloth can scratch an individual pane, as cloth will trap grit while you scrub and score your glass. Give us a call to avoid power loss due to soiled solar panels. We help you achieve this by cleaning solar panels the expert way.

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