Sidewalk Gum Removal

Sidewalk Gum Removal
By Pressure Washing

How To Achieve Sidewalks Free From Gum Pollution

sidewalk gum removal by pressure washing

Benefits Of Sidewalk Gum Removal

Sidewalk gum removal is a delicate and specialized pressure washing task that requires careful attention to detail, else it can result in irreversible damage to your concrete and other surfaces from improper equipment use. Not unlike oil and grease that permeate the cement pores in your sidewalk, gum must be softened to be removed without leaving residue or damage to your commercial structure. Our hot water pressure washers use a heavy-duty heating coil to raise the water temperature to nearly 200° F before shooting at the gum. To think that the mere use of high pressure to blast gum from concrete is the appropriate technique for sidewalk gum removal is to think that leaving permanent etching on your concrete sidewalks is an acceptable price to pay for pressure washing them. It isn’t.

By contracting with us, you are assured expert treatment of your concrete and other surfaces through our use of variable-pressure equipment that will not leave signs of where the gum used to be fastened to your cement, tile or vinyl surfaces. Consider that gum, being highly adhesive, cannot be forcibly removed without blasting the finish from your concrete surface as well. The removal of this finish cannot be repaired. You’ll have to replace the surface. Therefore, don’t take any risks with your sidewalk gum removal investment. Let us visit with you to evaluate your situation and provide you with our assessment and a demonstration of how effective our technique truly is.

Keep in mind that highly trafficked areas that periodically tend to become invaded by discarded bubble gum may also need a balance between the use of chemical detergents for gum removal and plain old patient, variable pressure washing techniques. Waste water containment, water reclamation and filtration efforts become critical at this point, to avoid not only getting you in trouble with the EPA but to keep your chemical run-off and chemical build-up from eating away at your concrete and asphalt driveways and walkways. Keep in mind that repeat use of chemicals will damage the seal on your surfaces. This eventually will require you to resurface your property at great expense, if you do not bring the right, eco-friendly pressure washing team to accomplish adequate sidewalk gum removal from the very beginning.

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