Pressure Washing Concrete

Pressure Washing Concrete

How To Clean Concrete Walls and Slabs In An Eco-Friendly Way

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Benefits Of Pressure Washing Concrete

While it is sufficient to use cold water in pressure washing concrete for residential purposes, with a hot water pressure washer we can achieve better results faster for your commercial property. Hot pressure washing is effective at removing oil and grease from your concrete surfaces. Note that these contaminants along with needed detergents will require appropriate discharge at a waste disposal location. Not only can we complete the cement pressure washing job better and faster for you, but you can absolutely count on a reliable, environmentally-friendly service from us. Your conscience can breathe just as cleanly as your concrete.

Concrete is porous. Grease, oil and grime permeate and stain it. To unclog your concrete, our process requires we spray our potent biodegradable detergents to your walls or slabs, letting it penetrate for a few minutes to work deep into the pores and dislodge the filth. Next, we flush all detergent and the loosened muck using a hot pressure washer shooting not only a water jet stream at 3,000 pounds per square inch but at a temperature of approximately 200° F. Oily grime literally melts out of your cement. But don’t worry. Concrete is a durable surface, so it can handle this much abuse. The result of pressure washing concrete in this fashion, nevertheless, is the appearance of a commercial building that will look like new.

Call us at (510) 362-1010 to discuss today our services for pressure washing concrete walls, sidewalks and driveways infiltrated by bacteria and stained by mold or mildew. We can demo the effectiveness of our commercial-grade hot pressure washing techniques for concrete restoration. Ask us about applying sealant to make your renewed appearance last.

If you’re facing the special challenge of gum removal from your commercial traffic areas, please see our pressure washing concrete sidewalk gum removal page.

Specialized Commercial Pressure Washing Services:

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