Pressure Washing and Painting

Pressure Washing and Painting
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How To Keep From Damaging Your Building While Returning It Back To Life

commercial pressure washing and painting

Benefits Of Correctly Pressure Washing and Painting Your Property

Pressure washing and painting seem to go hand in hand. The job seems simple enough. Clear all dirt off your commercial structure with a concentrated jet of water and then paint to your heart’s content. But you need to beware. You might end up causing more problems for your building than improving its appearance. The same principles that apply to pressure washing and painting a house also apply to commercial pressure washing and painting.

In residential pressure washing, it is crucial not to get water into the walls through the crevices under eaves, boards, shingles or siding. At 3,000 pounds per second, believe me, this is not hard to do, risking damage to your hidden wiring, insulation and untreated wooden frames. Water that would not enter through a leak in the roof can be sprayed by pressure washing right down to your foundation and there accumulate. Caulking and painting immediately over this mess will keep the water from evaporating, sealing the moisture within. That’s a recipe for disaster as mold and insects begin to eat away at the inside of your moistened walls.

The solution for causing damage during pressure washing and painting comes by knowing what level of pressure a technician should apply for a given type of structure, while leaving your building appropriately prepared for painting. Under some conditions the pressure washer must know to use deck brushes under low water pressure and angled correctly to avoid wetting under your siding overlaps. At EcoTech Enterprises we specialize in this pressure washing and painting knowledge. It’s all we do.

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