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Industrial strength pressure washing for your commercial property

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Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

When it comes to commercial pressure washing, keep in mind that aluminum, steel, cement, vinyl or wood can all benefit from a thorough cleaning. Whether you’re restoring your commercial building to its former, pristine appearance or you wish to pressure wash for paint preparation, make sure to repair all surfaces before calling us. Our thorough, dependable services and friendly technicians will transform your facility into a place to behold in a safe and eco-friendly way.

Commercial pressure washing uses up to 80% less water and 50 times more powerful jets than a typical garden hose for far more effective industrial results. But we enhance this cleaning ability with the use of potent biodegradable soaps, professional techniques for jet stream application and a top-of-the-line water recovery and filtration system that will keep you free of trouble with environmental regulators.

Although the concept is simple to understand, not all commercial pressure washers are made the same. There are distinct tool attachments designed for specific applications. Some are design for use in cleaning houses, driveways and cars. Others are best for washing diverse types of walls or structures at different degrees of pressure.

We know how to keep your property from being damaged while it’s under commercial pressure washing, which means no broken windows, dislodged gutters, peeled stucco or scratched wood finishes to you. Get mildew, algae, grime or ash off your stucco, brick, cement exteriors or use us for soft-washing ceramic, wood or fabric interiors in pools, fountains, decks, industrial wall paneling and awnings.

Call us at (510) 362-1010 to discuss our commercial pressure washing service packages for multi-unit residential buildings, factories, warehouses that include a custom maintenance plan to meet your needs.

Specialized Commercial Pressure Washing Services:

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